Why am I Salty?

Have the name Wetzel and be called Pretzel and you’d be salty too!

Or I’ll just lean into it, embrace it and garnish it with a side of mustard.

So this is my sandbox. I’m exploring:

  • The backstories of the characters in my novels through Short Fiction. (For the record, Friends In Low Places was published in 2021 and Lose Yourself will release in Spring 2024)

  • Inspirational quotes I posted on the refrigerator so that I could subversively share good habits (Fridge Philosophies)

  • The ups and downs of writing and publishing fiction. I’ll also talk to other writers and post their thoughts.

  • Thoughts on life and the challenges as I creep closer to 50 years old.

Join me on the journey.


Twitter: @wetzelv

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Weekly short fiction, life quotes, writing updates and random thoughts from the author of the upcoming novel Lose Yourself (Spring 2024) and Friends In Low Places (2021) and https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578833662 and Lose Yourself (2024).


Fiction, Fridge Philosophies, Writing Process, and other meanderings. This is my sandbox. Let's find some new ways to be creative.